Billing Questions

  • 1-800-850-2470
Welcome to our customer support center. We offer you, our valued customer, safe, secure and confidential online support services. In our support center, you will find a number of resources to help you have the best membership experience possible. In addition to retreaving your membership log-in info or canceling you membership, our support staff can help with the following:

- Provide you details on you membership status.

- Confirm transaction details in your billing statement if information does not match the name of the product you recently purchased.

- Support for any technical issues you may have encountered, and professional advice if you have been the victim of fraud.

Billing Questions

  1. Who processes my transactions?
  2. The identity of the company that processed your transaction will appear on the original confirmation email the was automatically sent after registration and on your credit card statement, we bill discretely.
  3. What type of confirmation will I receive if I cancel my membership?
  4. An automatic confirmation email is sent to the email address you gave us when you subscribe your membership. Most email providers that are web based like gmail or hotmail sometimes mistake automated emails as junk or spam, so the confirmation email may wind up in a junk or spam folder.
    If you submitted an incorrect email address during your membership registration you will not receive an email unless we have an additional email address to send it to.
  5. How do I cancel my membership?
  6. Contact us by online chat available on this page or send us an email at

    If you were billed by - CLICK HERE to process your cancelation.

    You may also call at (717)347-8907.

    Please remember to include your username when you communicate with us.

  7. How does trial membership billing work?
  8. You may come across different trial membership offers on the outside of our members area network. All trial memberships upgrade to standard monthly memberships unless canceled within the time of the trial membership, as explained on the join page. Please make sure to read all terms & conditions of the offer you're subscribing to.
  9. When will I be charged for my membership?
  10. We offer three (3) options for memberships, 3-day trial, 1-month and 3-month each are billed after sign-up and then re-billed, after expiration membership time elapses. The 3 Day trial memberships are billed after registration, then upgraded to a monthly membership, unless canceled within the time of the trial membership, as explained on the join page.
  11. Where are the billing companies websites?
  12. We use few different billing companies to process online transactions, like:,, You may also contact us directly and one of our Customer Support will be hapy to assist you.
  13. I now longer have my original confirmation email and I'm looking for support what should I do?
  14. You can call and speak with one of our agents directly at (717)347-8907. Billing information should also appear on your credit card statement.
  15. I've cancelled my membership and I am still being charged why?
  16. Please contact us and we will make the appropriate changes. (717)347-8907
  17. How can I update my credit card information if my card expires?
  18. Please call us at (717)347-8907 or contact us by chat or email:
  19. Where can I find support with GXBill European Debit / phone billing
  20. GXBill European Debit / Lastschrift & Phone Billing
    Phone: US and Canada toll Free: (866) 703-1334
    Phone: International: (410) 753-4460
  21. How does trial membership billing work?
  22. You may come across different trial membership offers on the outside of our members area network. All trial memberships upgrade to standard monthly memberships unless canceled within the time of the trial membership, as explained on the join page.

Technical Issues

  1. Why can't I stream the movies on the site?
  2. In order to stream movies directly from the site, you need to have a broadband Internet connection such as DSL, cable or satellite. Using a PC to stream movies requires that your browser has cookies enabled and that your javascript settings are turned on. Unfortunately, for streaming high quality video, dial-up connections are too slow. Furthermore you must have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in. Get it here Once you have installed it, restart your computer, log back into the site, choose your movie and enjoy.
  3. How do I download movies to my computer?
  4. First go to the scene that you would like to download. Download links are located under player window and right hand side column. Default download format is WMV, but you can change it to MOV or MP4 using your account settings. For users with a slower connections such as dial-up, you might want to try going to the 1 Min Clips instead of whole movie or big clips. The movies are cut up into 1 minute segments so that downloads are a little faster due to the smaller file size.
  5. I got audio without video in downloaded video whats wrong?
  6. First try refreshing your browser window. A newer flash player may be required. It can be downloaded here. After it's installed, restart your computer, and the movies should contain both audio and video.
  7. Adobe Flash Player installed again and I still can't stream?
  8. Open a browser in Internet Explorer click on the 'Tools' and the click on 'Internet Options'. A window will appear, with 7 tabs on the top, click on the 'Security' tab. Be sure the 'Internet' icon is selected and set the slider on the bottom to medium, then click on the 'Privacy' tab on the top and adjust the slider to medium as well. Then click on 'Ok' . Then close all the windows on your computer and open a new Internet Explorer browser.
  9. I'm streaming movies and it keeps pausing every few seconds, what's up?
  10. Streaming HD and HQ video requires broadband Internet connection like: cable, dsl or satellite. Dial-up may cause this. Be sure to to have the latest version of Adobe Flashe Player installed. If any doubt install it again. It will just install over the version you are using now. Adobe Flashe Player can be downloaded here If it still pauses every few seconds, pause the video allowing it to buffer, wait 30 seconds then hit play.
  11. What is HD MOV and what is HD WMV?
  12. The HD stands for High Definition, MOV is the filename extension for Quick Time files this for Apple Mac users and the WMV stands for Windows Media Video this is for all PC users. Streaming movies are not HD, however are movies are rendered at a very high resolution. We do support HD quality movies for download.

    And MPEG4? We use this format for streaming in Adobe Flashe Player. With this technology we are able to stream very high Video quality with lower file sizes. On some older computers you may experience some problems with this format and downloading is recommended if your experiencing any problems streaming on older computers.

    Mac user that would like to use the WMV format, you can download Flip4Mac at for free and install it on your computer.

    For iphone users just click on the main movie play icon on the large image and it will play. This also an MPEG4 format.

Connection Speed

  1. Is my connection good enough?
  2. We trying to find best compromise between required connection speed and quality of our videos. Currently we require minimum 1.5Mbit/s DSL speed which to online stream our movies without interuptions. You can always press pause on player to let movie buffer for few seconds and then press start again to continue watching movie. You can test your internet connection here. Choose location closest to you.